Clip the Dead Relationship Meat

We believe Life is easier where we are not standing.  Until, we begin living in that place and it becomes difficult there too.  Life challenges will always erupt.  We cannot suppress them by acting out of fear and avoiding their truth.  We can only keep a positive outlook each time a negative one creeps up on us. The only way to live is to live for your self and not for or from the pity of others.  It isn’t being selfish.  It is being true to your gifts, experiences, integrity and identity.  In this short amount of time we must live at our greatest individual potential.  

We can give all of ourselves to others and always feel stricken by guilt, resentment and angst for the lack of respect and mutual return.  We cannot be burdened by the guilt-if we cannot provide the unconditional love another demands and desires then why keep yourself sucked in the washing machine of a relationship that keeps repeating in the spin cycle?  Should we endure living in endless unhappiness just to please our friends?  We must sometimes say SCREW IT.  I can live without you.  I don’t need thousands of Facebook acquaintances to glue my balance and moral fibers together. I am allowed to be in Love and should be allowed to express it freely without hurting your feelings because you are miserable. I may live a selfish life to you-but not to me, nor the ones that truly and simply GET me.  I can only give so much to you before I lose site of my self piece by piece.  I am much greater an asset to the world if I keep the balance of my own strength and dignity…and stop trying to teach you how to re-gain yours.

People that have such high expectations of you, are the only ones that will never be satisfied with anything in life.  I am satisfied with the life I am creating.  I soon hope to be satisfied with the circle of people I surround myself here on out.  Because I cannot be everything you want me to be to fulfill your own delusions of what the world should look like.  I am content with the ones who love me for what I already am-I value my stance in this world.  I value the people I meet that teach me valuable lessons.  I value the family that gave me the love, guidance and strength to be set free in this mysterious world. 

It’s okay not to be perfect for everyone.  It is not okay to fear the reactions of people that do not understand your truth.  No one needs to hold onto things or people in fear of rejection-our greatest failure as humans is giving a shit what self sabotaging, insecure people think.  If you cannot handle criticism from those that love and care for you then go find a Nun to talk to or better yet that psychologist that you spend hundreds on every week for just sitting there listening to you talk about you.  Feel better when all you do is think about you and talk about you all of the time?  Pretty exhausting right?

And when it comes to the loyalty, I always find the friends in and out of life that use this word a lot. Loyalty.  It is usually those very people that become disloyal. Go figure. If you cannot stick up or stand up for your friends when others try to bring them down, then you are just as weak as them and deserve to end up with the “Negative Clique.” Hello, Queen Bee are you losing your hive?

If you cannot remember all of the good things a person has done and the precious moments a friend has shared with you and you only bring up the minuscule negatives of the past well, quite frankly, you will never be able to keep your friendships long lasting, especially with me.  Looks like you have a lot of jealousy issues you need to work out.  If you think I am writing this about you-well, then you are probably right.  Because all of my real friends know I am not ranting about them.

We were gifted with brains and that remarkable gift can also create the most misleading, heart breaking, analytical, self mutilating amputation of love.  It distorts our heart and creates illusions of crippling thought.  When and if we ever realize the difference between the two (I yearn for that day) then the happy river dance will bust out on my living room floor.  We are not our minds.  Our minds have just logically surpassed the meaning of our spiritual heart.  Separate the two.  Use your head for advanced intelligence and use your heart to share ultimate peace within yourself and to the world.

And for those of you who think this is about you…I wish you luck from the depths of my over analytical head and from the bottom of my overgiving spiritual heart.